• We partnered with Cox Health to create an eLearning program via Tacit, our VR and AR training platform.
  • Tacit has enabled Cox to automate and standardize their onboarding in a consequence-free environment.
  • The platform will contain a variety of modules across several enterprise applications.
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  • Last month, we launched a virtual reality training application with CoxHealth.

    Our developers worked with EVS Manager Teresa Shawley and CoxHealth’s EVS team to build an interactive simulation of the training process.

    “It is like a video game, but when you put the headset on, you are in that room,” says Shawley.

    Shawley pitched the project at the 2018 CoxHealth Innovation Accelerator, held at the eFactory. The pitch helped secure funding from CoxHealth’s innovation budget, which allowed Shawley to assist in creating a customized product.

    Self Interactive has created a framework of virtual and augmented reality software, called Tacit, designed to help businesses train employees and clients. By recreating a real-world environment virtually, Tacit eliminates some of the costs and complications of traditional training methods.

    “I am really proud of what we have accomplished with Self Interactive,” Ronnie Lightfoot, the Systems Director of the EVS Department. “Our community has some amazingly gifted, forward-thinking people. Self is a great partner that listened very well to our needs and put it into a VR solution that is world class.”

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  • COX 2 from Self Interactive on Vimeo.

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  • We also had the chance to work with Splitverse, a Springfield-based mixed reality studio, to create the video above.

    Using a green screen cube — basically just like a regular green screen, but in 3D – we were able to superimpose the user into the virtual reality experience as they were interacting with it. In addition to the video of our simulation with Cox, Splitverse has been working with Facebook (via Oculus). They released this completely awesome Beat Saber video last month in an effort to help Facebook promote the release of the Oculus Quest. Check it out.

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  • Pretty cool stuff going on in Springfield.

    As we continue to develop Tacit, more and more training content will be integrated into the platform. Our vision includes training modules in construction, energy, manufacturing, remanufacturing, HVAC, refrigeration, construction, general safety training, and others.

    For more information on Tacit, visit tacitVR.com.